Monday, May 05, 2008

Maya, Clinton, and now Gustav??? Deaf Characters in Comics

Tonight on Marvel Database, I came across a category listing of Deaf Characters including Maya Lopez (whom we know and love... or at least I do), Clinton Barton (yeah, yeah, yeah... I know) and then Gustav Krueger a.k.a. The Rattler. I was pretty excited that 1.) there is a category and 2.) there was a character whom I didn't recognize and 3.)I'm actually able to list a few more deaf and/or hard of hearing characters. I read Gustav/The Rattler's bio (which actually cracked me up)...he has a bionic tail that generates sonic vibrations used to create shock waves and/or disorient others.... but there isn't any explicit mention of him being Deaf.... Someone obviously has placed him in the category for a reason. Anyone familiar with this character?
I think my favorite line from the biography is this one.
"He was very popular with the ladies...." (you're welcome to follow the link to read the full description)


Jodi Cutler Del Dottore said...

Hey Sharon...Have you contacted Rachel and Elizabeth for one of your interview specials yet for their new book Ellie's Ears? Hugs coming your way...hope you're busy and all is well. Jodi

Sharon said...

Thanks. I didn't know about that book:) I just sent them an email.

Busy, busy... got hit by a semi in March so April has been nuts.... and now it is the end of the semester.

Hugs back at ya!