Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gallaudet's writer-in-residence Myron Uhlberg's presentation

Writer-in-residence Myron Uhlberg presented today, or rather told three dynamic stories, about his childhood and his Deaf parents to the Gallaudet University community this afternoon in Elstad Auditorium. Uhlberg, although I think I can call my friend Myron, began with a story about how his parents always considered him such a strange kid. He explained that to be like his father whom he so admired (although I shouldn't use the past tense here because it is clear that everything he does is still to earn the respect of his father and mother whom have both passed) he put bubble gum in his ears as a young boy to make himself deaf. 

While his first story was humorous, the second story about his boxing performance had the audience rolling. Lastly, Myron recounted how his father, a printer by trade, would make printer's hats for him. Young Myron, and I would argue the adult Myron too, so loved these hats that he would often beg him mother to allow him to  sleep in them. 

While I could go on and on about how much I adore Myron Uhlberg (I do! This professional crush tops them all-- move over Josh Swiller and David Mack... okay, I'm still crushing on all of you), my favorite part of his personality is how he connects with our Gallaudet students. When I first had the idea to bring him to campus, I knew how fascinating I found Myron once he started storytelling, but I wasn't sure if a gentleman in his 70's would be able to capture the attentions of 18-year-old freshmen. During his February visit, he captured the hearts of so many. Today's presentation was no exception. He made us laugh and cry! His final message to our students was for them to go write their own stories, "It isn't hard. You write a story from your heart... a true story for you!"

Videos to come!!!

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