Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Elyse Salpeter's ~Flying~ Book Launch Party August 30th

Elyse Salpeter is coming out with a sequel to her 2011 novel, Flying to the Light. While I’m preparing another interview with her, I wanted to point out that she’s planning a book launch party. You can join her Facebook Launch event of Flying to the Fire.

If you’re just learning of Salpeter’s book. You can order a Kindle edition version for $2.99. 
Flying to the Light by Elyse Salpeter
Publisher: Cool Well Press, Inc. (November 10, 2011)

Elyse Salpeter’s Flying to the Light is told through the perspective of older brother Michael who until a few days before the story begins is an average high school student with parents who work as scientists and a little brother Danny who just happens to be deaf and uses American Sign Language to communicate. The entire family is fluent in ASL and the characters attempt to gain Danny’s attention through visual clues. Salpeter explains that Danny’s deafness wasn’t intended as a disability. “It is simply a part of who he is, but I do make him special…” In fact, Danny is quite special; he knows what happens after a person dies, and he’s able to communicate with these individuals for certain period of time. As one might imagine, this special gift attracts the attention of a dangerous scientist.  While older brother Michael is left confused and unsure whom to trust, especially after learning that his parents and little brother aren’t exactly the family members he always thought they were, he seeks help from friends of the family and his teachers-- individuals he hopes they can trust. In fear that Danny’s knowledge of the afterlife could lead to someone attempting to control the world, the boys are in mortal danger. Their parents are kidnapped and they’re left to outwit and outrun a mad scientist and the FBI. While the story is very much about the relationship of brothers, it also has a great deal to do with our understanding of communication and the journey of adolescence. Flying to the Light focuses on the two boys’ independent struggle but includes some winged friends who are able to assist them along the way.  


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