Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Finally the Secret Invasion is Here! So I ask: Is Deaf Character Echo a Skrull?

I really enjoy all of this skrull business because it reminds me of my childhood and watching classics such as Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) that was based on the Jack Finney novel (1955). So if some of y'all are going to keep getting uptight about David Mack and his art, perhaps you should consider the larger picture: pod people vs. skrulls; mass hysteria vs mass hysteria; loved ones accusing loved ones of being impostors vs. (opening scene) Wolverine saying, "I ain't a skrull, Maya". Hmmm, yep, you're right... there are no similarities!

You guessed it. The New Avengers #39 finally came out today. And if you haven't read the issue, you might want to stop reading here.
****I promise not to give way TOO MUCH in ****SPOILERS**** but I do plan to discuss the issue.***
If you were confused before... well, I hope this will confuse you some more.
Can an echo have an echo?....or better yet, Can Echo have an Echo?
I didn't see that happening but that Bendis is clever. And don't we all fight ourselves just a bit? I guess we don't usually end up with so many bandages but then again we don't live in Marvel's Universe. And WHAT? Daredevil is in this issue???? Or is he?

So in Marvel's preview, they asked: Have the Skrulls infiltrated the Avengers? Readers still won't know after this issue but we sort of know who is not a skrull....sort of, maybe?;
Is Maya Lopez the only one with proof? Well, no because someone was with her... but then again maybe that individual is a skrull;
Will she live to tell the tale? sort of;
All this and a major Avengers hook up! We didn't see that one coming.... or did we? I kind of like the connection. One deaf character... one sort of (used to be?) deaf character. Clint Barton aka Hawkeye was deaf and used to wear a hearing aid.... (but then there is something about his hearing getting restored in a later issue).
Ahh, the issue was an enigma but Mr. Mack was correct, I did enjoy it. Can't wait until next month to read: Skrulls SECRET INVASION TIE-IN!

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Matt said...

Hey- enjoyed this issue. Echo meeting her own echo. So we know one Avenger isn't a skrull. One week to go to the Secret Invasion! I'm feeling a bit skrully!