Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Deaf Character in Jericho

It's probably obvious that I like to analyze (perhaps over-analyze) the portrayals of Deaf Characters... but my Dad is just happy to have someone with whom he can talk about one of his favorite shows, Jericho. He was so excited that he "found" a Deaf Character before I did. I'd like to note for the record that I continuously admit to receiving tons of leads about Deaf Characters in books, in movies, in the media, etc. and am certainly not clairvoyant about Deaf Character appearances.... although at times it does feel a bit uncanny.

Dad isn't very happy about the possible cancellation of this show but he also wasn't so thrilled with last night's episode.

In last night's episode, Deaf Character Bonnie, played by Shoshanna Stern, got to end things in a bang (pun intended) and I'll leave it at that. Will there be another season? Who knows. For an episode recap, visit CBS's website.

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Bill said...

Tuesday was the first night I got to see Shoshanna in Jericho, and now she's gone.

She made a great exit though!