Friday, March 02, 2007

My Bookshelf

Of Sound Mind, Jean Ferris
Ferris introduces readers to Theo, a member of an all-deaf family. While Theo has the typical struggles of any high-school senior, he also has a father with health problems, a demanding, high-strung mother, and a significant role as caretaker and interpreter. Theo’s new friend and crush adores her deaf father and helps Theo learn how to cope with his unique family situation while not blaming “everything” on deafness. Ferris has published several adolescent literature books including those with diverse characters.

Deaf Child Crossing, Marlee Matlin
Matlin introduces readers to Megan, a young deaf girl who is thrilled to have a new neighbor. The girls quickly become inseparable. New neighbor, Cindy, even begins to learn sign language. When the girls go off to summer camp, Megan isolates Cindy by spending all of her time with another deaf camper, Lizzie. Cindy is left wondering what happened to their BFF (Best Friends Forever) pact. Academy Award and Golden Globe winner Marlee Matlin is better known for her acting performances. This is her first adolescent book.

Finding Abby, Virginia Scott
Scott introduces readers to Abby who is in a coma after a tragic accident. Within pages Abby dies and readers, through the help of her sister Paige, attempt to understand the last days of Abby’s life before her “suicide”. Through Abby’s diary entries and Paige’s’ interviews with friends, school peers and professionals in the fields associated with deafness readers discover the truth about Abby’s deafness and death. Scott has published several children’s books and adolescent literature books with deaf characters. This is her most recent publication.

Nick’s Secret, Claire Blatchford
Blatchford introduces readers to Nick, a brave adolescent boy who was deafened after having meningitis. When Nick accepts a challenge to meet a school bully at an abandoned motel he along with his dog Wags must make their way through a treacherous blizzard. Along the way, Nick and Wags encounter a mysterious girl with a pack of sled dogs and her dangerous secret. Nick must keep the secret at all costs or risk the girl’s life. This story is the sequel to Nick’s Mission. Similar to her character Nick, author Claire Blatchford lost her hearing from mumps at six-years-old. She is a teacher and writer and has published several adolescent literature books with deaf characters.