Monday, July 08, 2013

The Forest of Aisling (The Willow Series) by D.S. Elstad

The Forest of Aisling (The Willow Series) by D.S. Elstad
April 22, 2013

Per the author, one of the main characters named Bram is a Deaf, Irish boy. Look for a review of this book in the following months. 

Book Description
Celtic Mythology, Gods of the Tuatha De Danaan, Balor of the Evil Eye, a Druid Mist...and shapeshifting?
Recurring dreams of a mysterious forest and a pack of wolves haunt Willow Whelan. Her mom explains that it might be her Native American vision quest...meaning the supernatural world is trying to tell her something. But what?  When her father receives word that his mother in Ireland has died, Willow is expected to accompany him to Killarney for the funeral of a grandmother she never met. There, she's introduced to second-cousins who confide in her that her grandmother may have died under suspicious circumstances.  Along with the question surrounding her grandmother's death, Willow wrestles with her own physical changes that manifest themselves the minute she sets foot on the Emerald Isle.  But the thing that confuses Willow the most is the emotional connection she develops, almost immediately, to the Deaf, Irish boy, Bram, who gives her a crash course in Celtic Mythology and a past that will unite them forever.