Sunday, March 15, 2009

Book Reviews with Teens at 7th Annual Statewide Family Conference Madison, Wisc

Welcome Families and Teens. Below is my PowerPoint from the Book Review portion of the conference. If a blog seems like something that is too overwhelming to follow and you would like to receive my free newsletter by email, please contact me at: yadeafcharacters
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Friday, March 13, 2009

7th Annual Statewide Professional & Family Conference Madison, Wisc

There's No "I" in Team

This is the first time that I've been to Wisconsin and while I had pretty high expectations of this place (considering so many of my colleagues are from this area), Madison has surpassed my expectations. Aside from the "cold" weather (which is relative considering it was 28 today which is probably nothing to these folks... and it was sunny), there is so much culture and great shopping here... my friend Jennifer from Gallaudet's English Department and someone who grew up in Madison showed me the sites (the Capital, the University of Wisconsin, etc) and the places to shop. We did our share of stimulating the economy; that's for sure. Coming from the East Coast (growing up between Richmond, VA and Colonial Williamsburg, and working in Washington, D.C.), I have some pretty high expectations for architecture and historic sites. When my buddy Chris said that Washington, D.C. had nothing on Madison's capital building, I really thought he was pulling my leg. Joke was on me... the marble alone (even without noticing the real gold all over) is breathtaking.

I am, however, here for a conference. This morning I presented to professionals about my research in Adolescent Literature with Deaf Characters.

Tomorrow I will be doing a similar but perhaps less technical when it comes to research methods presentation with the families who came in tonight. Wow did they take over. I believe the coordinator of this conference said that there are 98 families here.... nearly 100 families!!! That is incredible. As well as presenting to the families tomorrow, I get to do some Book Reviews with Middle School and High School age students. I am thrilled.