Thursday, May 28, 2015

New Publication: Until I'm Safe by Jane Grace (May 2015)

I just purchased this book and I'm pretty excited about it. The main character appears to be an oral deaf character named Marguerite who is 17-years-old.

Until I'm Safe by Jane Grace
Print Length: 234 pages
ISBN: 1680460862
Publisher: Fire and Ice Young Adult Books; First edition (May 7, 2015)

Book Description:
Does she stay and possibly get shot by her crazed father or run into the storm of the century, Hurricane Katrina?

Marguerite Aucoin has no choice but to run! Like the fiction heroine she writes about, a teen named Toots Gentry, Marguerite must be brave, despite the fact she’s lost both hearing aids and is virtually deaf.

Amand rescues Marguerite from the swirling bayou waters. At his home, she awakes but doesn’t speak, writing her name, Toots Gentry. With time, he learns her secrets, and discovers someone’s trying to kill her. But’s he’s fallen in love with Marguerite and is determined to protect her.

From her website,
Jane Grace is a Texan who’s worked with kids forever. Now she wants to bring that experience to young readers. Cool and calm…explosive and extreme–this is the life of kids, even those up to the age of twenty! Little kids love the adults around them. Middle school kids are learning that things aren’t always what they seem. Junior high kids live in their own world of hormones and seldom come up for air while senior high kids see the real world approaching and either work to fit in or fight to stay outside the realm of reality this presents. Over time Jane G will present stories based on years of experience with kids who are ‘normal’ to those who wish they were.