Thursday, September 11, 2008

Myron Uhlberg- Excerpt from New Book (ASL interpreted)

Myron Uhlberg - Excerpt Reading/Sign Language Interpretation

I'm sorry this isn't captioned.


Amy said...

First of all, I enjoyed your website, and I appreciate all of your hard work to share the literature with Deaf characters in adolescent literature. Your website is frequently referred by many teachers teaching deaf kids.

It is very thoughtful of you to share this video with all of us.

And, yes there is a 'but' coming...

This interpreter was not giving the pure-ASL interpretation of the story. She used CASE signs with very few ASL features. She signed mostly in an English order, and when I was watching her, I had to decipher what she was trying to convey the story in signs.

My question is for you, do you know about the background how this video was produced? How did the filmmaker made a choice to hire this interpreter?

I know that there are other interpreters who can do much better, with preparation and practice to make this story more pleasurable to watch.

It would be even more authentic if a Deaf person can do the ASL story, not 'sign language' interpreter who is using mostly CASE (with English order) signs.

I am disappointed because I spent more time deciphering what she is signing, instead of sitting back and listen to the beauty of ASL.

Just for your information.

Thanks for sharing.

Sharon Pajka,Ph.D. said...

Eeekkk, don't shoot the messenger:) Seriously, it is my fault that I added the title "ASL interpreted" instead of "Sign Language interpreted" as it reads on the YouTube video. It was a complete oversight on my part. I know Myron often uses the phrase 'Sign Language' instead of 'ASL' because when he was growing up that is how his parents referred to their language.

I appreciate the feedback. I was actually thinking that Myron should have signed the story. After all, it is his story:)

The video was produced by the publisher Bantam Dell Publishing Group, which is a division of Random House. On their website, they include book trailers and author interviews. I pulled the video from YouTube ( I searched the Bantam Dell/ Random House website and couldn't find anything about how the videos are produced. In fact, I couldn't even find this video on their website.

I'll send Myron and email and see if he knows anything about how the video was produced and how the interpreter was selected. I'm guessing that he doesn't but I can certainly ask his publicist too.

Thank you for your kind words about this blog. I do work very hard attempting to produce an educational/ informational place for Deaf Characters and authors who may be of interest to adolescents. I'm sorry that this visit to my blog wasn't the best experience for you. Hope you come back :)