Sunday, October 12, 2008

Presentation: Deaf Comic Book Characters

This presentation is for the students in Gallaudet's Art Department in preparation for my presentation at the International Reading Association Convention in February.


RLM said...

Excellent slideshows on deaf presence in comic and graphic books! Many thanks for your time and dedication with your blog postings. :)

Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Sharon Pajka,Ph.D. said...

Thank you:) I hope that the students in the audience will be inspired to create and publish their own comics.

RLM said...


Wonderful idea for the creation of deaf comic books!!

Have you seen or read Robert Johnson's Gallaudet comic books poked at Gallaudet fraternities and soritories back in the late 1980s?

My own copy of Robert Johnson have been stolen. That was very best deaf comic book kind ever I seen in my entire life.

I do recall that there are several deaf comic books out somewhere.


Sharon Pajka,Ph.D. said...

Honestly, I just started researching comics a year or two ago because my students were chatting about what they were reading in their spare time... so I'm no expert. I read graphic novels and comics in my teens but never thought to include them in my class until recently. (I know I'm a bit slow-smile).

Here is a Deaf Mosaic video with Jevon Whetter and Robert Johnson and their comic book "Dino-man".

Samax said...

I'm a freelance comic book artist. I'm working on a comic for a client, and one of the stars of the book is deaf. My writer sent me this link, as well as some of your comments.

Thanks for doing such important work, and for taking the time to look at the medium of comics.

Sharon Pajka,Ph.D. said...

Thanks Samax. Wonder if you're part of Study Island... one of the editors just contacted me about a new series with a Deaf Character lead.

If you're not a part of that work, please send me your info so I can share it with my readers:)

Samax said...

Yeah, I'm working on the Study Island project. Abram is the writer who sent me your info. I'm on the second book, so you'll see Khalid's work first.

He's working on the first book, with the characters in middle school. My book follows the characters in their senior year of high school.

Sharon Pajka,Ph.D. said...

Yep, I'm been corresponding with Abram. My interested is piqued now and can't wait to see the final product.

I checked out your blog... working on Christmas?!?! You're a dedicated man! Thanks for your work:)

Samax said...

yes, I was working while the family is sleeping!
it's all good. making comics is do for fun when i'm not getting paid for it, so it's more like saying i played video games all day on Christmas!

anyways, stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

Totally inspired by this blog and conversations.. Check and let s talk...