Monday, January 04, 2010

BRINGING UP SOPHIE by Linda Kurtz Kingsley

BRINGING UP SOPHIE by Linda Kurtz Kingsley

Mike and Pete are once again working together on a project! Mike, who is deaf, and his family are raising Sophie who will one day become a service dog for someone with a disability. Again, Pete and Mike learn to communicate and work together using signs and speech. 24 signs to learn and a puppy to enjoy!

In October 2008, I interviewed author Linda Kurtz Kingsley about her book, Signs of Jays. Here is a sequel, Bringing Up Sophie. The story concerns two friends, one Deaf character who attended a public school mainstreaming program, and his hearing friend. Both help raise a service pup that goes to school and later to a person with a disability. The book is beautifully illustrated in water colors and includes 24 new ASL signs.

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