Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Re-Focus on this research and Silent Starsong, a new adolescent publication

I've been a little bit nervous because I've never had a sabbatical before so I don't know what to expect. It *officially* begins tomorrow (since August work was included in my proposal). Yesterday evening my mom gave me a new Kindle (a Paperwhite which is crazy wee compared to my first generation device which I might add still works just fine!) AND last night an author emailed me and sent me a Kindle formatted version of her forthcoming new book. The book launch is on August 30 and she'd like a review out just prior if possible so I have another deadline... but it feels focused and SCARY but EXCITING! And I feel weird butterflies of happiness that I get to return to this research that I love. Thanks Universe for working in cahoots.

While I catch up on my Deaf Character reading, here's a book that I just stumbled upon and it looks pretty interesting. 

Silent Starsong by  T.J. Wooldridge 
Publication Date: July 15, 2014
Publisher: Spencer Hill Press (July 15, 2014)

I haven't yet read this book but apparently the protagonist is deaf.
Book Description
Eleven-year-old Kyra is meant to continue the Starbard's proud family legacy of interpreting the future from the stars' songs. Her deafness, incurable by the best medics, breaks her mother's heart and pushes her father to explore anything to help his little girl--including the expensive purchase of a telepathic alien servant to help Kyra communicate on a planet inhospitable to unfixable genetic defects. Marne's telepathy is too weak for his Naratsset culture, so he is sold into slavery and expects to die at the hands of human owners--until he meets a human child who begs her father to ""save"" him. Her kindness introduces Marne to a new world--one where he would risk his life to save a human from her own people's abuse and the stars' songs can touch even a deaf girl and a defective telepath.When an intergalactic terrorist organization kills Kyra's father, driving her mother to madness, Kyra and Marne only have each others' friendship--until even that is threatened by the danger surrounding the Starbard heritage. But can the two friends, not good enough for either of their cultures or families, manage to keep each other safe when several different worlds threaten their lives?

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