Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Author Cecily Paterson's 3rd book will include multiple deaf characters & she needs YOUR help!!!

Last November, I reviewed and challenged author Cecily Anne Paterson to not only write a third  book in her series but to include at least one other deaf character.  Tonight, I’m a bit giddy because Ms. Paterson and I have been discussing this and she’s ready for some input on her third novel! Read that as her Deaf Character Jazmine is ready to meet some other deaf characters!!! (Okay, my excessive use of exclamation points might be annoying but I'm super excited about this.)

If you haven’t read Invisible or Invincible, you’re going to want to do so quickly especially if you’re interested in helping out with this project! Of course, reading her books isn’t required but I certainly encourage it!

How many chances do you have to help an author do research for an upcoming book and how many chances do you get to have a say in the journey of a fictional character such as the Jazmine, a teenage girl who is deaf and fluent in Auslan?! 

Well, here’s your chance! Click on the picture below, or follow the link here to answer a brief survey. She's even offering to acknowledge your help in her forthcoming novel.  


Please feel free to share this with anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing who might be interested in participating in this important research.

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