Monday, July 10, 2017

New book by Deaf author- Smelly Hearing Aids and Fishy Lips: a Deaf teenager's journal (2017)

Image result for smelly hearing aids and fishy lipsSmelly Hearing Aids and Fishy Lips: A deaf teenager's journal by Marc Heyez
Publisher; 1 edition (April 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0995153205
ISBN-13: 978-0995153202
Paperback: 298 pages

Marc Heyez is a Deaf author from Canada.

Book Description:
Egg Flounder is your average teenage boy in all ways except for one thing: he is deaf. This is Egg’s journal of his “floundering” attempts to live in a hearing world: taking speech lessons from old Mrs. Tautog so not to sound like a “Frenchman with a cold”, coping with loud whistling hearing aids, squinting to lip-read his girlfriend in a dark disco and many other hilarious misfortunes.

He is a teen teetering between a child who sleeps in sailboat pajamas and an adult who dreams of being a pilot and lusts after an older girl. Being the skinny stickman figure, he pines to be the “burly bearded Canadian lumberjack for the world.” (Pet moose and beer would be optional.) He had but one friend, a tin-foil hat type who “rants and raves that the world will end on Tuesday but makes an appointment with a doctor on Thursday.”

We are treated with Egg’s absurd and surrealistic philosophical musings, his ad-libbed school presentations and just plain wonderings, such as why the biblical Adam is portrayed as having a belly button?

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