Monday, May 21, 2007

Publisher of Children's Books emphasizing Deaf Culture & History

BuTo, Ltd. Co. was founded and incorporated in Austin, Texas, January 2003, by Walter Paul Kelley, Ph.D., literary artist, and Tony Landon McGregor, Ph.D., visual and gourd artist. On their website Kelley & McGregor write that their mission is "to produce children’s picture books with a strong emphasis on Deaf culture and history". They also plan to publish at least two children’s picture books annually. The founders explain, "One unique feature of the small business is that its partners are Deaf and are well known in the field of Deafness".
Books such as Deaf Culture: A to Z, a picture book where each letter describes a part of Deaf culture(ISBN#0-9729569-0-5) and The "I Love You" Story a picture book illustrating the evolution of the term "love" in both the visual and spoken forms (ISBN: 0-9729569-4-8) are available for purchase on the BuTo website.

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