Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Don't miss the Comments from Readers!

From time to time, you may want to revisit my posts to see comments that readers add. Here are two referencing Deaf Characters in Comics... or actually a character who was supposed to be deaf. Pretty interesting stuff! Thanks Bucky and Franny!

(Read their comments below)

Bucky wrote "Here's a tidit about a character that was supposed to be written as deaf -- was supposed to be Marvel's first deaf mutant character, apparently -- but had her origins changed. Just look for the last "urban legend" entry. " (comment posted today under Deaf Characters in Comics and Graphic Novels)

Franny wrote "One of my research interests is superheroes and disability--in the research I've done to date it's seemed like there are some disabilities that are frequently represented and others that rarely are. Deaf characters are few and far between, which is suprising to me in such a visually oriented medium. (Comparatively, there are very many characters who have visual impairments including quite a few blind characters whose superpower be able to see. Seriously.) Anyway I see you have Echo on your list but you might be interested to know that the character Penance from the Generation X comics in the early 90's was originally supposed to be deaf but the series changed writers and things got really wacky after that. " (comment posted July 30th)

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