Sunday, March 09, 2008

Insider Tips about Deaf Character Echo in New Avengers #39

(Note: I've included this Daredevil picture of Echo because she is holding her head and nearly covering her eyes. That is the way I'm feeling over Issue #39)

On Friday, I emailed David Mack explaining that I know he is a super busy guy but that I just wanted to share the excitement my students, some blog readers and I are all experiencing over the release of The New Avengers Issue #39. While we're all freaking out in anticipation and in fear that Echo may be a skrull, this experience is creating quite a dialogue between readers. As an English professor, I can't ask for anything more. So rather our fears are warranted or not, I just wanted to thank him.... this is what literature (and I do consider Comics and Graphic Novels a part of the new canon of literature) is all about.

Below is the email response from him. Okay, I don't REALLY have any insider tips but I always feel pretty cool when authors, including the talented David Mack reply to my emails.

In an email from Friday, David Mack wrote:

"I did try to post, but for some reason it is not working (probably my ancient laptop). I'll try to post from another computer when I get a chance. In the meantime, feel welcome to post my regards, and that I think they will enjoy this issue:)

Please give them my thanks for reading. There are skrulls in the issue, but I can't say who :) But I think the students will enjoy Echo and the Avengers in this story."

Here is my close analysis of the email.
Premise: David writes that he believes that we will enjoy the issue and he particularly states that we will enjoy Echo in this issue.
Premise: Hmmm, I don't think I would enjoy it at all if Echo becomes a hearing skrull
Conclusion: Echo won't be a skrull...

Okay, that isn't my finest Critical Thinking analysis and I don't really have any insider tips but the good news is that in just three more days, we'll know.


Anonymous said...


What do you and your students think about this?:

Personally I don't think you should recommend comics put together by unetical, lazy thieves to kids.

Sharon Pajka,Ph.D. said...

While I'm no art expert, David Mack is considered a collage-artist. By its very nature, collage art often includes newspaper and magazine clippings, portions of other artwork, photographs, etc. I'm really not sure if artists have to cite their sources.

I'm guessing the controversy over the use of the magazine cover prompted him to change the image of Echo. I actually like the second cover better because it fits the image of Echo that is in my head...but that is just me.

Outside of class (because The New Avengers series isn't part of my curriculum), I've chatted with some of my students about the cover change but none of them have expressed any anger about the issue.

As for considering David Mack or Brian Michael Bendis "unethical" or "lazy thieves"? Absolutely not. I believe they're both quite talented.

My students aren't "kids". They're all of legal age and I encourage them to think for themselves.

As for recommending these comics to them... well, former students actually recommended the comics to me. For that, I still thank them.

Sharon Pajka,Ph.D. said...

Also, if you click on the picture from my post ( about Mack's art. You will notice that there are several ASL handshapes and Scrabble-looking pieces in the background. I'm guessing he cut those out and layered them on his canvas.

Matt said...

Mmm. We'll see. If Echo was found to be "replaced" by a skrull and her story in Parts of the Hole still counted, I'm okay with it.

Agh. I'm so sick of all those complaining about art swiping. It is HARD to come up with original work in this day and age, yet we all continue to strive for originality.
Sometimes creators makes mistakes.

I believe art intimates life and life intimates art. As long the experience affects us and moves us, more power to art!

Only one more business day until new comic day!!!!

Sharon Pajka,Ph.D. said...

Ah, the good thing about Daylight Saving's Time is that it puts us one hour closer to the store opening:)

The irony about Anonymous' comment is that he/she didn't necessarily come up with his/her own idea but copied the link of someone else's complaint. Complaint swiping?

Sharon Pajka,Ph.D. said...

It wasn't even posted on the Marvel website. I found the new release date on David Mack's website. Hmmm, our wait isn't over.

March 26: New Avengers #39

Matt said...

D'oh. It's because of the skrulls that we are waiting this long. It's all annoying skrullinations, I tell ye!

Sharon Pajka,Ph.D. said...

Unlike me, I hope you didn't travel to two different Comic Book stores in disbelief.

Marvel is skrulling with my emotions!

Bucky C. said...

Hey now, let's just all put on our skrull caps and come up with a good solution to this situation...

Marvel has been pretty bad about shipping books late for the last 8 years or so. It'll get there eventually. I was bummed not to see New Avengers in my stack this week as well, but it's coming. I've found that comic shops usually don't mind a phone call from someone asking if a title came in, but I've been lucky with stores. I'm sure you all know by now that Wednesday's are new comic book days. My local store usually has its new books on the shelves by 11.

Let's just hope that the whole Ronin thing gave Marvel a strong enough dose of double identities with Echo. Then again, if she does turn out to be a skrull, that doesn't necessarily mean the real Echo isn't out there somewhere.... :)

Matt said...

That's a skrulltastic suggestion! Skrull on!

I didn't skrull to two local shops. I know all comic books eventually come on the shelves even when it's two years late. I'm skrully in that way.

Is there an echo in here? I'm deaf I can't hear echos! That's ok, at least I'm not a skrull!

Ok, I'm now skrulled out.

Sharon Pajka,Ph.D. said...

You guys are so clever.... the "skrull caps" and "is there an echo in here?" (pun intended, right?). I love it!