Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Look at the Past

The late Douglas Bullard authored such books as Islay: A Novel, a book about a deaf man who establishes a deaf homeland by taking over a small state;and, On Deaf Ears, a collection of short stories about his oral deaf school experience. At the time of his death in 2005, Bullard was writing Dingbat, a story about a geologist in the Alaskan wilderness. Bullard was a Gallaudet graduate, an Alaskan geologist, and a former president of the Florida Association of the Deaf.

Tonight when I was browsing the world wide web, I found this article from The New York Times. Although the article was published twenty years ago, much of the content is relevant today. Below the article, I put together a few suggestions of other works one might be interested in reviewing. Sometimes it is good to keep the past in the past; however, after reading through this article, I know that it is also nice to bring the past with us into the future.

Deaf Writer Asks Questions That Echo for Young
Published: November 29, 1987
LEAD: The class of elementary and junior high school students at the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf kept up a volley of questions for the novelist who had come to call. Courteously and with humor, the novelist, Douglas Bullard, tried to answer them all.

~The Deaf Way II Anthology: a literary collection of deaf and hard of hearing writers Tonya M. Stremlau(ed.) Publisher: Gallaudet University Press, 2002

~ASL Stories by Doug Bullard

~Deaf Mosaic: No. 13 [Videocassette]. (1986). Washington, DC: Gallaudet College. 4th FLOOR HV2545 .D44 no.13 (30 min.) : Signed and captioned.Douglas Bullard, author of ISLAY, a novel set in a deaf state; Signs Across America, a dictionary of regional American signs; “Legal Corner”, with deaf attorney Sheila Conlon-Mentkowski; actress/author Mary Beth Miller; and Days of Ink and Lead”, an affectionate look at the role the printing profession in deaf culture.

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