Monday, July 14, 2008

Another Website on Deaf Characters in YA Literature

Here is another website to find research on Deaf Characters. Stephanie Anne, a graduate of Humboldt State University's English/Language Arts Education program, created a Deaf Young Adult Literature page for one of her English classes. Her site reviews A Maiden's Grave, Feathers, Finding Abby, Graffix: The Listener, and Rally Caps. It's a bit humbling to see my research cited throughout her project. In fact, I was reading through some of her work and thought, 'hmm, that sounds a lot like me'... then, I saw the citation and it was me:) My blog is even listed as her favorite website on her personal blog. Thanks Stephanie!

One of her posts from June referenced her experience as a Camp Director and it actually reminded me of my very first day as an "official" teacher in my very own classroom. I can't remember exactly what went wrong but remember saying to myself, "Oh No! Help! Get the teacher" and then I realized I was the teacher. Hee hee... Nearly a decade later, I can still empathize with new teachers. The 12 1/2 Writing Rules is taken from one of her e-portfolio pages. Good luck Stephanie and keep on blogging!

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