Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why I love Sarah Lawrence College (and their writers who include Deaf Characters)

It has only been a little over a year since I've started to add author interviews on this blog. Lately, I've noticed that some of the really great authors are from Sarah Lawrence College including: Jacqueline Woodson, Feathers; Rachel Stolzman, A Sign for Drowning; and one whom I will be raving about very soon, Ann Clare LeZotte, T4 (I'm serious... as soon as I post this Deaf Author's Interview about her upcoming publication, I'm going to tell you to run out, and not just go out, and buy her book. In fact, I'm even going to tell the teachers to grab a class set... that's how much I think of this book).

My fellow WaHoos aren't too far behind in publishing books with Deaf Characters. There have been two fabulous authors who have called the University of Virginia their ol' stompin' grounds including: Doug Cooney, Leading Ladies; Nobody's Perfect (hey, it's been a year.... when do we get to read more about Megan???) and Meg Burden, Northlander.

Of course, there is also Edgar A. Poe, who totally seems like the type of author who would have used a Deaf Character but I don't believe he actually did. There is a brief reference in Tamerlane that references the narrator as becoming deaf from the wind (noise) but that doesn't count.

The summer is not over just yet. If you still need a book to read, check out some of these from our Sarah Lawrence College and UVa friends. Enjoy!

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Karen Putz said...

My pile is growing and growing. So many books, so little time! :)