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Interview with J.G. Martinson, author of Deception's Full Circle

Deception’s Full Circle
by J.G. Martinson
Publisher: AuthorHouse
(July 13, 2007)
Paperback: 352 pages
ISBN-10: 1425986234
Reading Ages: Mature Teen to Adult (Adult Language, Gore, and Violence)

From the back of the book:
A young woman is found one evening on a residential street in critical condition. Her subsequent death remains a mystery; the only key to what happened is an assistive device found on her. Mara McEdwards, a third generation detective, is assigned to the case. In no time, she is swept into a new world she has never heard of. A world where communication is silent and challenges await her. At the same time Mara struggles to search for clues, an explosive campaign of terror grips the heart of the cochlear implant industry. Mara McEdwards finds herself in a desperate race against time to catch the suspects, a ruthless psychopath and a sinister terrorist. Her mission comes to a climactic and shocking conclusion.
In this CSI/ detective-style mystery, Martinson weaves in several plots that readers must figure out the characters’ connections throughout the novel. Only at the very end, are the plots truly concluded. Set in Maryland, Deception’s Full Circle introduces readers to detectives Mara and Eddie, a CODA and a fluent American Sign Language user. When several deaf individuals with Cochlear Implants suddenly die from mysterious causes, Mara and Eddie are on the case and begin investigating a psychotic surgeon who uses a series of pseudonyms and fake identities. Simultaneously, there is a Unabomber-type terrorist, self-identified as the Signbomber, on the loose who begins bombing medical centers that provide Cochlear Implants surgeries. How the two plots connect, you’ll have to wait and see.

***Below you can read my recent interview with J.G. Martinson***

SPW: How did you decide to become a writer?

JGM: Writing has always been an outlet in which I could express myself creatively. My interest to write all began during my preteen years and I kept writing all sorts of stories to keep the creative juices flowing ever since.

SPW: Will you describe your experience with publishing your first book?

JGM: Deception's Full Circle was produced with quite a few years of efforts in researching and understanding a great deal of information about cochlear implants and police procedures, and having live discussions with legal connections as well as experts to develop the book's theme. Naturally, there is no magic bullet in getting the book published because of its uniqueness but having it released to the public has been a great journey that I would encourage your young students to try it.

SPW: In the foreword, you write that the book may strike a nerve in those who support cochlear implants and that that was not your intent when writing the book. Can you share how you were inspired to write this novel?

JGM: When I was living in Maryland during the mid 1990's, the cochlear implant concept was taking off and I was increasingly curious about the mechanics of this new technology. Living in Bethesda, Maryland gave me the opportunity to look into the Institutes of Health and how the large deaf community in the surrounding areas responded to the issue and I was able to delve deeply into the device. At the same time, more and more debates began swirling around and this gave birth to Deception's Full Circle.

SPW: Was it difficult to write from the point-of-view of a psychotic surgeon and/or the Signbomber?

JGM: When I earned my degree in counseling, having the scope of knowledge in psychology and the sociological response to terror made it easy to interconnect abnormal behavior with the surgeon as well as certain pathological behaviors and installed in Deception's Full Circle. For example, the Signbomber exhibited psychopathological issues due to a sudden hearing loss during his SEAL training regimen that contributed to the development of a common form of post traumatic stress behaviors which progressed to a dangerously high level as the problem remained untreated.

SPW: What advice would you give to young people who are reading your book?

JGM: Since, this is a highly charged, fast paced and somewhat graphic book in small tokens such as the description by the coroner of a young woman found dead in the forest and what exactly happened to her, and a few graphic words expressed by the Signbomber, Deception's Full Circle is readable for those 13 years old and upward. After teaching English to deaf high school students for many years, I feel this is a great book for young students to gain a wider understanding of the controversy and bring together worlds.

I think this book will elicit great discussions about cochlear implants, deaf culture and why it has been such a unique but important issue for more than a decade to the deaf communities. Radicalism that clash with moderates and liberal views are positively and entertainingly described in Deception's Full Circle for the sole purpose of educating deaf and hearing readers and hopefully will remain in their minds for years to come.

SPW: Anything that you'd like to add?

JGM: On a side note, I'd like to let young deaf writers know that they can make fantastic stories to publish and writing is a wonderful way to express themselves.
J.G. Martinson, is a Deaf author who has worked as an educator and counselor for the Deaf and deafened population for more than three decades in Maryland and Canada. Deception’s Full Circle is his first publication. The author is currently writing a historical novel based on his travels through Europe. Martinson has two children, a hearing daughter and a deaf son. For more information about the author, contact the publisher.

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