Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bilingual English & Spanish Book with Hard of Hearing Character

From time to time, I add both children's books and adult books on this Blog that may be of interest to you. Here is a publishing company that includes a Hard of Hearing character who wears hearing aids named Lucy.

Lucy: Loud and Clear / Lucía: alto y claro
Laila Laván and Beatriz Iglesias
Hard cover picture book 28 pages
ISBN 978-84-935239-4-7
Bilingual English/Spanish

It's three days, four hours and sixteen minutes since Lucy's big brother Omar borrowed her color pencils. And now she's going to have to ask him to give them back. But how can a little girl who's deaf get the attention of a hearing teenager who isn't interested in understanding what she has to say?
Topka is a publishing house that features books with diverse characters without the story plot revolving around the character's "difference". The books, targeted toward reading ages of 0-6, include picture books that include multiracial main characters, single parent families, adoptive families, and LGBTQ families to name a few. The company believes that children’s books that teach about diversity and coexistence are wonderful; however, it is not enough. They want the characters in their books to show "all sorts of children doing all sorts of things".

From their website:
We know that our children’s lives are not limited to their disability, their race or their biological origin. And we know that our everyday family life is not limited to how many adults there are at home, and whether they are male or female.

That’s why at Topka we want to make books in which the main characters are different kinds of children who come from different types of family, and in which the stories deal with the conflicts, situations and dreams which we all share.

For more information, to submit a manuscript, or to purchase books, visit their site:

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