Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Is membership to a professional organization on your 'To Do' list?

I have been invited to serve as the Assembly on Literature for Adolescents (ALAN) State Representative for Washington D.C. As one of the State Representatives, my goal is to spread the word about ALAN and to recruit at least 10 NEW members.

Why not become a member of the leading society dedicated to the study of Young Adult Literature? When you become an ALAN member, you receive a subscription to the journal The ALAN Review (that's three issues!), not to mention joining one of the largest and most active professional organizations devoted to young adult literature. Membership dues are only $20.00 per year!!! One of my favorite sections in The ALAN Review called Clip & File reviews newly published adolescent literature books. ALAN supports books with deaf characters enabling me to publish an article in their Summer 2007 issue and featuring book reviews with deaf characters including Jacqueline Woodson's 2007 novel, Feathers.
The ALAN website includes tons of book recommendations and a book club! On the third Wednesday of the month, there is an online discussion of young adult books with experts in the field and authors.
For Membership details and more information about ALAN, visit

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