Saturday, June 02, 2007

More on Deaf Characters in Comics and Graphic Novels

Hear-Say by Greg Cook (mini-comics format)

Hear-Say follows a nearly-deaf gentleman through a seemingly average day, including friendly interactions over a gaming table and a restaurant meal. When the man ends up on the shore, he pulls out a hornhorn to use as a hearing aid. Readers gets to view the added "sound elements" through the use of empty word balloons. Cook plays with white space and incomplete drawing emphasizing our own incomplete worlds that we try to piece together.

Dan Slott's She-Hulk comics character Awesome Andy is "mute" and communicates with other characters via a chalkboard... but isn't a "deaf" character.

The deaf villain Shriek, who uses sound as his weapon, is wreaking havoc on Gotham City. When Shriek’s stone-splitting sound vibrations. Batman has to save a young deaf boy from a falling rock.

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