Saturday, June 02, 2007

Summer Reading

Kat's Fall by Shelley Hrdlitschka
publisher's recommenation: ages 9 and up (I would say this book is more suited for teens since it includes adult-content themes including sexual assault, strong language, and self-mutilation-- Darcy cuts himself when his girlfriend leaves him)
Kat is deaf and suffers from epileptic seizures. Her mother is getting out of prison after ten years for dropping Kat from a balcony when she was a baby. Older brother Darcy who is 15 hates his mother for being absent from his life ever since she went to prison for negligence. In a strange turn of events, Darcy discovers what happened the day of the fall and he realizes that he was the one who had dropped his infant sister. His mother went to prison for her son's actions. Darcy tries to do what is right by clearing his mother's name. Kat is not the only deaf character in the story. Darcy babysits a four-year-old deaf child. The story takes an additional twist when Darcy is accused of molesting the little girl he baby-sits and his sister. It is with the help of his teacher and his mom that his name is cleared. While there are deaf characters in this book, the story is told from Darcy's perspective.

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